On-Site Support/Computer Repair


On-Site Support is billed hourly, with a minimum of an hour.


At Ballantyne Computer Services, we specialize in On-Site support. We believe you shouldn’t have to take your computer repart, or unplug and pack up your devices just to get some help. Here, we bring the computer repair service to you!

We currently service Columbia, SC and the surrounding areas.

For an hourly rate of $80, we can come do just about any job that doesn’t fit into our pre-billed rates.

Some examples include:

  • Computer repair, move or replacement.
  • New Computer Install (Does not include Windows Installation if applicable)
  • Wifi-Network Optimization
  • Hardware Installs
    • KVM Switch, BBU, NAS or External drive setups.

Simply include what you need in your order details and we’ll let you know what we can do for you!


Our On-Site support is Guaranteed 30 days from time of completion.
If your issues come back, so will we!


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