Website Hosting

I’m happy to be able to provide shared website hosting as a service. What this means is I will host your website for you using shared resources, as opposed to you having to find your own private server or host. This means you can have your website online for much cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere.

I don’t provide website design services, and that’s where WordPress comes in! WordPress is a super easy to use website editor that allows you to create professional looking websites. This website, uses WordPress.

How to use WordPress?

GoDaddy, who also happens to be the resource I use for my webserver, has an excellent video tutorial on how to use WordPress here.

If you don’t want to use WordPress, and would instead like to have someone else design your site for you, that is also possible. Please contact me and I can work with you and your designer to get your website going.

How to sign into my website?

You can sign into your WordPress website by going to your-domain.tld/wp-admin. This information will be provided to you in greater detail when you sign up for your website hosting.